Jewelry & Art by Kristin Reiber Harris
Kristin Reiber Harris
Welcome to Pearls Before Nine I love stone beads. Wearing them makes me very happy. Finding joy in how we live is important to me. I want to create objects that bring happiness into your life and the lives of those around you. The materials I use in my work are important. I have collected beads for years. Combining them with silver and now paper are a wonderful creative challenge. However, equally important is the social component of this work, getting to know my customers. I am reaching out to a community that values art and finds pleasure in body adornment. I have been making art for many years. As an artist, media producer and educator I have also designed jewelry for many years, but I am happy to be able to focus a new level of energy in this endeavor. I see this work as tiny wearable sculpture.
Images from my studio: I find inspiration in my work environment. I like to call it controlled chaos. It is the juxtaposition of colors, materials and natural objects that spark ideas as I move forward. 434.386.4919